Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great Dialogue: Mad Men 2.05

A little context. "Theme from A Summer Place", by Max Steiner, plays on the radio. It's night, a dark extra-marital trysted night, and the always groomed Don Draper drives dashing lascivious Bobbie Barret all the way down to her house in the beach, where she wants to have him in secret, while feeling the sand on her curved back. His family and her husband respectively wait for them, at home. The conversation has been going for a while now.

Also, this will probably make much more sense if you've watched Antonioni's La Notte.

Bobbie: I love bridges. I don't know if it is the drop or just because you get to see something disappearing behind you. Do you like bridges ?

Don: I do.

Bobbie: That's two things you like. What else ?

Don: Movies.

Bobbie: Yes ! Spartacus ? Have you seen the foreign ones ? Oh, so sexy.

Don: La Notte.

Bobbie: Yes ! Why is it so hard just to enjoy things ? God, I feel so good.

Don: I don't feel a thing.

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