Monday, October 24, 2011

Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival: High expectations for huge premieres

Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival opens on November 4th with a great line-up, chiefly because of some of the most awaited premieres of the year - movies that made it to Cannes and Venice and that will, most of them, possibly be a part of the Academy's counts. Other spotlights go to Wes Craven's retrospective and William Friedkin's homage, with French Connection, Bug and others (wonder why they won't play The Exorcist).

Everything gets warmer because of some pretty promising masterclasses, that will have a tough job on making it to the level of last year's Abbas Kiarostami and John Malkovich/Stephen Frears. I am talking about cult-filmmaker David Cronenberg ("The Fly", "History of Violence"), Oscar-nominated actor Paul Giamatti ("Cinderella Man", "Sideways") and worldwide renowned playwright Yasmina Reza, author of God of Carnage, the play Roman Polanski adapted into Carnage this year, starring Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster, John C. Reilley and Kate Winslet. You can check the program in here and I lay down my personal biggest expectations right bellow.

DRIVE, Nicolas Winding Refn (2011).

CARNAGE, Roman Polanski (2011).

THE IDES OF MARCH, George Clooney (2011).

THE SKIN I LIVE IN, Pedro Almodóvar (2011).

DANGEROUS METHODS, David Cronenberg (2011).

MELANCHOLIA, Lars von Trier (2011).

KILLER JOE, William Friedkin (2011).

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