Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After the phone call that never was, Sorkin may be scripting Steve Jobs biopic

Two of the most recent posts I put in here, one about a Steve Jobs biopic coming onto the screen, the other about the phone call Aaron Sorkin never made, didn't quite anticipated the connection. Coincidences are a funny thing but this one has a lot more to had. You see, not only is here this sudden emotional limb to be forged for marketing purposes, but we're actually talking about one of the greatest contemporary screenwriters who, even more curiously, has just stepped into the Kodak Theater for receiving an Oscar for writing about the technology revolutionary genius, Mark Zuckerberg. This is still only a rumor but Sorkin will probably be interested in a project with huge apriori hype, first class material about such a, and might feel to be dialing those numbers after all. As for now, I am eager to watch Moneyball, directed by Bennet Miller, with Brad Pitt, co-written by him and Shindler's List Steve Zailian.

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