Sunday, May 6, 2012

IndieLisboa'12: winners and the big surprises

I didn't have the chance to watch as many films as I wanted and as I had planned. It's a difficult time of the year. L (2012), Le Skylab (2012), Take Shelter (2011) (would be my second screening of this great film), For Ellen (2012),  17 Daughters (2012), Rafa (2012), Into the Abyss (2011), Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003), Whore's Glory (2012), Meet the Fokkens (2012) and several shorts are amongst those I would have like to have seen. I'll be searching for them now. This was, however, the  most interesting edition of the festival I attended to which therefore raises the stakes for next year, having the opportunity to be even greater. 

The 9th edition brought us one of the best films of 2011 (not counting with Take Shelter) and the best Portuguese film in many years.

 Azazel Jacobs (director) and Patrick Dewitt (writer), with Terri (2011).

Filipa Reis and João Guerra Miller, writers/directors, with Cat Craddle (2012).


 Best Film
De jueves a domingo (Dominga Sotomayor)
Audience Award for Best Film
Whores' Glory
(Michael Glawogger)

Best Portuguese Film
Jesus por um Dia (Helena Inverno and Verónica Castro)

Best Short Film
Juku (Kiro Russ)
Hinorable Mention: The Great Rabbit (Atsushi Wada)
Honorable Mention: Praça Walt Disney (Renata Pinheiro and Sergio Oliveira)

Audience Award for Best Short Film
Retour à Mandima  (Robert-Jan Lacomb) 

Best Portuguese Short Film Award
Cama de Gato (Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra)
Honorable Mention: Kali, o Pequeno Vampiro (Regina Pessoa)

IndieJúnior Audience Award
The Dog and the Key (Hee Jung Kim)

International Amnesty Award
From this day to where (Mathias Eriksen and Matias Rygh)
Honorable Mention: Bon  Voyage (Fabio Friedli)
Honorable Mention: Meet The Fokkens (Gabriëlle Provaas and Rob Schröder)

Árvore da Vida Award for Best Portuguese Film
Luz da Manhã (Cláudia Varejão)
Honorable Mention: Mupepy Munatim (Pedro Peralta)

TAP Award for Best Portuguese Documentary
A Vossa Casa (João Mário Grilo)

TAP Award for Best Portuguese Fiction Feature
Por Aqui Tudo Bem (Pocas Pascoal)
Prémio RTP Pulsar do Mundo
Meet the Fokkens de Gabriëlle Provaas e Rob Schröder

TV Cine Distribution Award

L'estate di Giacomo (Alessandro Comodin)

RTP2 Onda Curta Award
Chefu Party (Adrian Sitaru)
Fancy-Fair (Christophe Hermans)
Kali, o Pequeno Vampiro (Regina Pessoa)
Ovos de Dinossauro na Sala de Estar (Rafael Urban)

FNAC New Talent Award
Salomé Lamas
(w/ Encounters With Landscape)

Obviosom/Gripman/Restart Award
 João Salaviza (w/ Cerro Negro)

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