Sunday, March 4, 2012

29-year-old Steven Spielberg's reaction to the 1976 Oscar nominations taped on video

It was the summer of 75 when Spielberg's shark finally hit the waters of national theaters, after months of a uphill battling production. The horror, sci-fi, medium-budget film went to strategically scare the sun out of the population skin, planting a global seasonal panic of what one might encounter a few foot from the shore. It slashed the box-office off becoming the first blockbuster* ever, and launched the renowned director to the height of the industry. Jaws (1975) won Oscar for Best Editing, Best Original Score and Best Sound, losing Best Film to One Flew Over the Cucu's Nest (1975).

*There are two ways for the word. There's the expected blockbuster, thus comprising films like "Gone With the Wind" (1939), and there's the unexpected blockbuster, the film that reaches great financial success without those being its production expectations. Here, we talk about the second case.

Steven's biggest itches were regarding Best Director - a spot he missed against top-shots Milos Forman ("One Flew Over the Cucu's Nest"), Robert Altman ("Nashville"), Federico Fellini ("Amarcord"), Stanley Kubrick ("Barry Lyndon") and Sindey Lumet ("Dog Day Afternoon") - and Best Original Screenplay - a spot the writers missed against Federico Fellini ("Amarcord"), Frank Pierson ("Dog Day Afternoon"), Robert Towne & Warren Beaty ("Shampoo"), Ted Alan ("Lies My Father Told Me") and Claude Lelouch & Pierre Utterhoeven ("And Now My Love").

Take a look at the video, it's hilarious, epic.

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