Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aaron Sorkin's "Network" (1976) ?

Taking a hindsight at Aaron Sorkin's career we may conjure up a set of precise concerns and thematic preferences that enwrap his character's worlds and bake the extent of his overall works. Politics, institutions and media. A Few Good Men (1992) is a military court drama that deals with the ethics of subordination and corruption in the light of law and the greater good; The American President (1995) and TV series West Wing (99-06) go on board of the White House; Charlie Wilson's War (2007) revolves around a Congressman and Afghanistan.

Sorkin has also created Sports Night (98-00) for ABC, Studio 60 on the Sunset Trip (06-07) for NBC and recently wrote The Social Network (2010) for David Fincher. He loves to write about what's behind the scenes, about the human dilemmas among social and institutional pressure and hypocrisy, underneath whatever that crosses screens every day and every night. Hierarchies, ethics, rates, information, emissions, make it stockholders, likes, friends - how much is too much when people depend part of their lives on fabricated platforms of indirect interaction with the world and between each other?

Isn't anything crossing your minds? Sorkin has stated many times that one of his favorite writers is the great Paddy Chayefsky and that one of his favorite films is the masterpiece Network (1976), directed by Sidney Lumet. He reveries about what could have been made of Mark Zuckerberg's life if penned by the visionary who created such a black-comic tragic treaty on the implications of media in the modern society.

Well, the Oscar and Emmy-winner screenwriter is back to TV and on TV. The trailer of new HBO series The Newsroom is out and stars Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterston and Emily Mortimer. And it's all there: politics, institutions and media. An amazing trailer that has me hooked at the 24th of June.

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