Thursday, November 3, 2011

Film is dead

Nearly one month after the historicals ARRI, Panavision and Aaton officially ceased the production of film cameras, in what we could consider the first plot point of a new era, the irreversible lock-up ending the first act, it is time the prestigious magazine Cahiers du Cinema says goodbye to film stock - 35mm, specifically.

After one hundred years of history, the threat for some, the opportunity for others. We certainly have huge things to loose and amounts to win. Darwinism.

Film is dead. Welcome to the digital era.


  1. Not entirely true, I'm afraid.

    Cinema preservation and conservation will always require film, whether it is in 35, 16 or 8mm...

  2. Sam,

    That's an interesting way to put things and you're most certainly right. However, it is dying (not strictly dead yet) for commercial purposes, and that's what I meant.



  3. De qualquer forma, essa parece ser uma edição imperdível. Vou estar atento às bancas.

    Cumps cinéfilos.