Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Portuguese team of filmmakers "The Clones" is spreading wings; wings soaked in blood

 "The Clones exist officially since 2008. Our headquarters are based in Lisbon, Portugal and we specialize in small productions, mainly low budget, of the comedy/horror/sci-fi genres"

The Clones is a Portuguese team of filmmakers, friends who got together to make a short film and ended up founding one of the freshest, most interesting projects the country has known film-wise. Papa Wrestling (2009), BLARGHAAARHGARG (2010) and Banana Motherfucker (2011), three extremely low budget productions of pure trash-gore, an energized revitalization of the genre that weaves between the politically incorrect and passionate homages and references to horror classic movies. Uncompromised, funny and bloody messy, let it not deceive you in that they're not serious. They are. You can visit their website at ClonesPT, check trailers and videos from masterclasses and order copies of the DVDs. Enjoy the launching promotion of "Banana Motherfucker", 3€ as a preposterous low price for an edition with a batshit crazy cover plus extras. I had my chance and got myself the complete pack at MOTELx'12. Now I'm just sitting here waiting for their next projects.

Maybe you're a follower of Twitch, whose creator and editor Todd Brown did the coolest review on "Banana", which you can read here.

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