Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Autumn Leaves" - Help financing a short film by Filipe Coutinho

Filipe F. Coutinho is a L.A. based Portuguese young filmmaker studying at New York Film Academy and he is producing his next film, Autumn Leaves, a 15-minute drama short film chiefly inspired in one of the greatest family dramas of all time, Ordinary People (1980).

"Autumn Leaves tells the story of Peter Sanders, a mid-30s wheelchair-bound man who comes home to die after being diagnosed with liver cancer. The story follows his relationship with Joanne, an adulterous wife who desperately tries to reach to him, and Lindsay, his six-year-old daughter who tries to cure him with love and Bob Dylan songs. Peter soon realizes that he’s not fighting cancer but his own fears and frustrations.  "

The call for crowdfunding is hosted by IndieGoGo and they have twelve days to plummet their already achieved $1.250 towards the aimed $7.000. I challenge you to visit the page of the project, check their notes and intentions, their team, their commitment. And to contribute if you can.

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