Monday, April 23, 2012

Lanthimos, Nichols and more at the 2012 IndieLisboa

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Starting on April 26th with Todd Solondz's Dark Horse (2011), nominated for the Golden Lion in the last Venice Film Festival. I had the pleasure to watch his prior Life During Wartime (2009) in the 7th edition and I vividly recommend you check these out. Other highlights are Giorgos Lanthimos's (Dogtooth (2009)) new film, Alps (2011), which also premiered in Venice; Jeff Nichols with one of the year's best works, Take Shelter (2011), with Michael Shanon and Jessica Chastain; Cerro Negro (2011) and Golden Bear short winner Rafa (2011), both by Portuguese young filmmaker João Salaviza; Andrea Arnolds's Wuthering Heights (2011), the adaptation of the 1847 classic by Emily Brontë; Los Angeles Plays Itself (2004), a documentary by Thom Andersen that explores the city as we've been seeing it in the movies throughout the last hundred years; Into the Abyss (2011), the latest Werner Herzog (he featured here two years ago with My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done (2009) and Bad Lieutenant: Port Call New Orleans (2009)) and many others, such as short films from all over the world and a whole bunch of possibly surprising features in and out of competition.

I'll be covering some of the pieces I watch and thus will be around.

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